Application Software
Telusys — An enterprise ASP
that delivers broad spectrum solutions for your organization

Telusys is an application service provider [ASP] that provides computer-based services to clients over a secure hosting infrastructure. We supply comprehensive on-demand, software as a service [SaaS] solutions via the Internet.

The demand for software services has evolved in part, because of the increasing costs of specialized software that have far exceeded the budgets of small to medium sized businesses, government organizations, non-profits, and membership organizations. Telusys fills this void by providing cost-effective software to staff and end-users, allowing customers to outsource specific applications so they can focus on their business missions.

Telusys' application software resides on our secure servers and is maintained entirely by Telusys' technical staff. We perform all aspects of administration and maintenance, ensuring that our software is 100% functional and available — at all times. Telusys clients automatically receive a full range of benefits: 24x7 technical support; managed software upgrades; physical and electronic security; end-user customer service; and unmatched technical support. In addition to the technical benefits provided, Telusys' outsourced software services also reduce a client's investment in highly paid technical personnel that would normally be required to manage in-house services.