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Our professional tools keep you at the forefront of technology

With Telusys software, there is no testing, no hit-or-miss guesswork, and absolutely no valuable time is wasted searching for solutions that require consultants or costly maintenance and support contracts. Every piece of software is compatible with your web site, intranet or extranet, and these products operate together with seamless integration. To keep you on the leading edge of new technology, Telusys software is upgraded regularly and delivered to your site at no additional charge.

`Round-the-clock technical support (24 X 7) and informative online help screens walk you through each application step-by-step. If special programming requirements exist, on-staff programmers, using industry-standard development tools, are ready to assist and insure the performance of each product and the integrity of your system.

Our strategy of placing the right tools in the hands of clients is tantamount to our success in this industry. Telusys' unequalled expertise in systems integration, customized programs, and high-performance Internet hosting help keep clients at the forefront of this powerful communications medium.